Dixie Fry Coating Mix was first introduced to grocery stores in 1942 in Los Angeles, California. Dixie Fry was launched by a Southern family with a mission to bring great southern cooking to the West Coast.

Since that day, over 75 years ago, it has been a family favorite at home and in restaurants.

“Baking with Dixie Fry allows for
the “fried” taste we crave,
but by using their healthier recipe
a healthier preparation.”
– D. Bryant, Los Angeles, CA

“We cook with Dixie Fry Coating Mix on all our favorite fried foods.
We especially love our fried chicken with a side of fried pickles.”
– M. Thomas, Pigeon Forge, TN

“My husband and I were dining at this fabulous restaurant and asked for their recipe for the fried shrimp. When they
told us it was Dixie Fry we stocked up that very next day.”
– S. Skinner, Salt Lake City, UT


Our 10oz. Original Recipe Twin Pack coats up to 32 pieces. Dixie Fry is specially formulated to provide you with a choice in preparation – bake in the oven or fry.

Naturally seasoned. We use three varieties of specialty milled flour, real milk and eggs, and a distinctive blend of the very best herbs and spices to give your chicken, pork or seafood that’s light crunchy and packed with mouth watering flavor.

Dixie Fry® is not only PERFECT for chicken, fish or pork,
but for hors d’oeuvres and side dishes.

Try these favorites with Dixie Fry:


Onion Rings



Mozzarella Cheese